One was Vengeance

If I get murdered in the city
don’t go revenging in my name.

One person dead from such is plenty.

Revenge has never been something that I've cared to partake in. I do think it's wrong, but that's not the reason I choose to abstain. It might sound like I'm trying to be high and mighty, but I assure you that my reason will make you think otherwise.

I think the idea of getting revenge is sweet. If somebody were to wrong me, I would love to get payback, and most people would tell you that that's okay and right. It's the plot to so many movies where we want to see the avenger succeed. We always root for that guy. The thing that stops me from doing so isn't my religion or any moral guidance. It's because I don't want to deal with the aftermath of my revenge. The revenge to my revenge, I guess. Maybe it's because of cowardice, or laziness.

Is it flawed to think this way? I tend to let a lot of things go that I shouldn't. It kind of just makes me a pushover. This might be mainly because I don't really ever get wronged so horribly to illicit a strong reaction. I'm blessed that way. But for the sake of not having such a boring post, let's assume that somebody does do me dirty, and I become overwhelmed with anger. I suppose I could be the "bigger person", but I feel like that title can only apply if your reaction to wrongdoing is to extend forgiveness. I think I'd be very tempted to extend secret disdain and passive aggressiveness. I was taught to love my enemies, but even in doing that, my intent might be to make my enemy feel guilt and shame and grovel at my feet instead of to bring harmony. Maybe I'm wrong. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Maybe I don't believe in seeking revenge because of the implication it would have on my life. I'm sure if I ever carried out my vengefulness, I would initially enjoy it before the guilt trip, but then I couldn't complain if someone did the same one me. Hah. I say "complain" like I would be in a position where I didn't deserve what's coming. The truth is that there are people I have wronged who deserve retribution, no matter the size of my crime. I really hope they get it, though, but in the form of my sincerest apologies. I pray that I learn to give that, truly. If not, then surely evil and vengeance shall follow me all the days of my life. But like I just said, can't complain.

Cheery post, I know. Thirteen more to go.