Names That Fell

It’s funny how I’ve been working so hard to become a robot for the past year, yet I only listen to music that will illicit some sort of emotional response.   All the signs of an emotional person were there. Now I find it humorous how I ignored something so obvious, but I digress.

Music has to really move me before I get really into it, the lyrics and melody. This makes me kind of picky. I even find it difficult to listen to “workout music” while I’m working out. I know it’s supposed to get you “pumped”, but is pumped an emotion? “I am feeling pumped.” I guess it’s slang for excited. Anyway, that kind of music doesn’t really do anything for me. I have to be able to listen to the lyrics and hear some truth that is not about topics such as big booties or making fat stacks of cash, both of which are quite unrelatable for me.

Upon discovering a new band, I will play their songs while reading their lyrics. I’ll analyze each line and try to figure out what the songwriter is trying to say and how it relates to my life. Sometimes I’ll realize something about myself that I hadn’t realized before. It’s amazing how someone can take a feeling and turn into something with rhythm. Once I’ve done this for every song, I will pretty much listen to the same band over and over until I find another one I can do the same thing for. Ideally, I’d find a new band immediately, but I usually have to stumble across or be introduced to new music. This is mainly because I prefer to listen to something that I know will give me what I seek rather than start searching for it again. I’m afraid of trying something new and wasting time, so I like to play it safe. It’s silly, I know. I’ll work on getting over that.

So I didn’t make any new years resolutions this year. I never do, but I will right now, a month into 2016. I want to be known better, which means being voluntarily open about your life. I’m going to use a song to get my point across. It’s called “Names that Fell” by Zach Williams, the lead singer of one of my favorite bands The Lone Bellow. This is one of those songs I had to sit down and study for a second. I didn’t really know what it meant, but I was pretty surprised once I looked into it. Zach is basically looking at a tower filled with 14 men. Each man is a sin that has plagued him or his fathers, but the tower falls, killing all the sins that so desperately wanted to have a hold on his life. He watches gladly. What I’m going to do is write a letter to or a story about all 14 of these men. Vulnerability, yay.

Now that I have posted this, I have to do it. Have fun getting to know the worst parts of me.

So here’s the song. And here are the lyrics, shortened because it repeats.

I got my eyes pealed on a watchtower
That bent then broke four years ago
Their were 10 to 15 men inside
That screamed their story were untold
And I looked one right dead in the eye
While two more said please don’t let us go
But the truth be known I didn’t mind
Watching that old belfry fold

Their knuckles white
Their faces red
And all in unison they said
“You’ll never win
You’re way to old
Your father’s sin gave us your soul”
But two men stood up beside me
We stepped back to watch and see
That belfry start to sway and lean
All in unison we screamed

Upon a rock on which we stand
I see that belfry in the sand
Four years have gone
The sand is old;
It’s covered all my sins with mold
And steady comes the midnight tide
To slowly crack the belfry’s pride
Three men and I tell stories told
Of our father’s sin still trapped inside

One was vengeance
Two was hate
Still we pray they’ll never wake
Three and four was envy and lies
These were the names that fell with the bell chime
Five was greed
Six was lust
Seven was the name I’ll never trust
Eight and nine was envy and pride
Ten was jealousy that binds me
Eleven and twelve was pride and betrayal
Thirteen was the sloth that killed me
Fourteen was the judgment that tried
These were all the names that fell with the bell chime