DMo Recommends Captain America: Civil War

Civil War is one of the best movies in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. For those who don’t really know what it’s about, basically it’s a movie where superheroes fight each other for reasons.

Upon seeing the trailers, I thought it might be silly. They made it seem like two sides of the same team are fighting over politics. That would be like me and my coworkers having an office brawl over whether or not to support proposition 1 in Austin. But there was more to it that that, and it worked well! It was hard picking sides, despite this being the Captain’s movie. That might be because this movie felt more like an Avengers movie than a sequel in the Cap’n series, but that didn’t matter too much.

Of course, nobody really watches these for the plot. It’s all about the action, and it was awesome. If that’s all you’re looking forward to seeing, then you won’t be disappointed. This is filled with all the action and superpowers and cool new characters you could ask for, which brings me to my next point:

Spider-Man is back.

I’m a little biased because Spider-Man has always been my favorite superhero. Besides my family’s and Jesus, Peter Parker was one of the first names I knew. His character was funny and nerdy. He had the classic spider-values. He was me. He was you. He’s what we’ve been waiting for. He’ll make right everything that the last 2 terribly mediocre movies made wrong. He was my favorite part of Civil War by far.

So go watch Captain America: Civil War. The only people who won’t like this movie are the ones who always say they're “not really into that superhero stuff,” but all the really cool kids will have a great time.