DMo Recommends Signs of Light by The Head and the Heart

I've never reviewed music before. I don't really know how, so here's how I'll start:

This album is good.

If you know me, you know that THATH is my favorite band in the whole world. Their last album was released three years ago, and I have been waiting for Signs of Light ever since. Right when it came out on Spotify, I laid in my bed and did nothing but listen.

It's much different from the last two albums. People have been saying it's more "poppy." I'm not sure what that means. It has more sounds in it? I guess that's true. The songs on their last two albums could probably stand alone with just a piano or guitar. There's much more going on in Signs of Light, so it's not like what we've heard from them before. I'm fine with not getting more of the same as long as what's new is good, and I love it.

Generally, I like music that tells stories I can relate to. Much like my life, and probably everybody else's, these songs can feel somewhat bleak at times, but they always offer up hope. After listening, I sat up from my bed, feeling refreshed and more encouraged about everything, which is what made me love the first two albums. I'm glad my favorite band is back. Different sound, yes, but it's good and they still have the same heart.

I just hope it's not another three years until the next one. My heart couldn't take it.

If you made it this far, I'll leave you with my favorite lyrics from my favorite song on the album, I Don't Mind:

So your heart was stolen
From the most beautiful girl in the world
Oh, the winds blew you over

I don't mind
I don't mind
I don't mind

She told me, "never come back alone"
Never come back alone
Time will heal your soul, it's time
She told me, "never come back alone"
Never come back alone
Time will heal your soul, just time alone
Just time alone, alone



DMo Recommends One Punch Man

If you've never really been into anime, then stop reading because this show isn't for you. If you've occasionally dabbled, then watch. I had been told to watch it for some time and finally gave in.

The title speaks for itself. The show is about a hero who defeats everything in one punch. I was so reluctant to watch it initially because I wasn't sure where the conflict would be. He really does kill everything in one punch. However, it's the internal struggle that drives the story, the wrestle with discontentment and boredom when given complete power, the search for meaning even after you've perfectly accomplished your life's goal.

Or it's just making fun of other anime. Anyway, the show is hilarious. You'll have a good time.

DMo Recommends Stranger Things

I watched this whole first season in a day. Granted, it was only 8 episodes, each about 45 minutes, but still, I don't think I've don't that since my much younger, more energetic college days.

This show was great. I was hooked in the first ten minutes. I started watching it originally because I needed something to look at while I ate my chipotle alone and because I needed a new show to keep me sustained for the next week or so. The latter didn't happen since I finished already, but it became so much more than my lonely chipotle eye candy.

The show takes place in a small, boring town in the 80's and deals with the dramas of adults, kids, bros, young love, hormonal teens, monsters, telepathy. Oh yeah, and it's sci-fi mystery horror thriller. But very sci-fi. You're immediately thrown into it. Question after question are created, making you always want to let Netflix autostart each episode so you can find the answers.

The story mainly follows a group of middle school boys, making this a period drama with that young detective novel type of vibe. It's great. Along with the awesome score, you're thrown right into the 80's. When the focus isn't on the kids, you get to see the complicated lives of other civilians. Even if sci-fi isn't your thing, the very real drama was enough to make sure I was never bored.

If you're a nerd and like sci-fi, you'll like this show. I will say that you need a pretty strong suspension of disbelief. This show is very campy, and you're going to have to let some things go. If you don't like sci-fi or you don't know how to suspend your disbelief, you might not have a good time. Also if you hated the 80's.

Anyway, Stranger Things is DMo approved. Check it out!

DMo Doesn't Recommend X-Men: Apocalypse

The fourth superhero summer blockbuster came out this past weekend. It's the 8th movie of 20th Century Fox's X-Men lineup. They have a pretty good track record. I've enjoyed 5 of them so far. Unfortunately, that doesn't include this one. It's definitely not the worst, but it's not good.

The main problem with this movie is that it's boring. Everything about it, except the Quicksilver scene, is boring. All the characters are boring. There were a lot of new, supposedly important mutants shoved in this movie, and I swear some of them had less than five lines the whole time. Apocalypse himself was not interesting at all, kind of like Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but at least Ultron had a cool voice and wit. Oscar Isaac played Apocalypse, but that didn't even matter because he was so emotionless and had so much makeup. It could have been anybody.

Much of the plot was moved forward by coincidental encounters or other decisions that made no sense. I couldn't tell what most of the characters' motivations were, which made the ending questionable. There was too much CGI. The climax was so boring. It was basically all the mutants staring at each other because they all have non-melee superpowers. Maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe spoiled us with Avengers. Hand-to-hand super battles are just much more entertaining, even if those are also CGI.

The people who will like this movie are the die hard X-Men fans and maybe the people who just like random CGI destruction. If you're not one of those but still want to see it, it might be worth a cheaper ticket price or renting it when it comes out, but I think you should just go see Captain America: Civil War a second time. Spider-Man was so cool.

TL;DR Everything is boring.

DMo Recommends Captain America: Civil War

Civil War is one of the best movies in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. For those who don’t really know what it’s about, basically it’s a movie where superheroes fight each other for reasons.

Upon seeing the trailers, I thought it might be silly. They made it seem like two sides of the same team are fighting over politics. That would be like me and my coworkers having an office brawl over whether or not to support proposition 1 in Austin. But there was more to it that that, and it worked well! It was hard picking sides, despite this being the Captain’s movie. That might be because this movie felt more like an Avengers movie than a sequel in the Cap’n series, but that didn’t matter too much.

Of course, nobody really watches these for the plot. It’s all about the action, and it was awesome. If that’s all you’re looking forward to seeing, then you won’t be disappointed. This is filled with all the action and superpowers and cool new characters you could ask for, which brings me to my next point:

Spider-Man is back.

I’m a little biased because Spider-Man has always been my favorite superhero. Besides my family’s and Jesus, Peter Parker was one of the first names I knew. His character was funny and nerdy. He had the classic spider-values. He was me. He was you. He’s what we’ve been waiting for. He’ll make right everything that the last 2 terribly mediocre movies made wrong. He was my favorite part of Civil War by far.

So go watch Captain America: Civil War. The only people who won’t like this movie are the ones who always say they're “not really into that superhero stuff,” but all the really cool kids will have a great time.