New Blog!

All the cool people nowadays are buying their own domains and making their thoughts public. I had already been making my thoughts public on my old wordpress (, but it was time to grow up and own my own website. I moved some of my wordpress posts over to this site, but there are more still on it. Feel free to check those out if you want to see a little farther into my head.

I will be picking this blog up where I left off on my wordpress, so I'll be starting my Names That Fell challenge shortly. BUT FIRST I am taking a little life break for a few days to revisit the wilderness in west Texas. The mountains are calling, and I must go! When I get back, I hope you'll join me here. I thank you in advance.

I want to give a shout out to the people and their blogs that inspired me to do this.





Check them out. They are all incredibly smart and gifted writers. I also realized that they are all women, making my blog a little out of place. Oh well. Gender norms are mostly dumb, anyway. Men have feelings, too.


Forced expression.

Forced expression.